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Why you should join

If you earn your living in the residential construction industry, whether as a builder, subcontractor, material supplier, or service provider, the benefits of belonging to the trade association which supports your industry is well worth your time and dues dollars. If you have been thinking of joining the Home Builders Association, now is the time to make that investment. If you are already a member, congratulations. Now, get involved!


The benefits of membership range from services that directly benefit your business to programs that improve the business climate for the home building industry. Once you realize the benefits you will receive, you will understand that your dues are not just the payment of a business expense, but rather an investment in your industry. Listed below are some of the major benefits and services you can take advantage of when becoming a member.

Some benefits you just can't put a price tag on....

  • Visibility and Credibility among your peers and within the Southwest Louisiana area enhances your personal and professional development.
  • Business Support through networking and sharing ideas with peers will help you find solutions to the everyday challenges you and your business face.
  • Supporting Your Industry - By becoming a valuable member of the HBA, you are sharing your time, ideas and suggestions and; in turn, supporting the industry in which you earn your living.
  • Public Awareness Campaign - This ongoing advertising campaign is designed to encourage consumers to do business with a licensed, insured residential construction professional who is a member of HBA. All members are listed and categorized on this website for increased visibility and accessibility to the public.

Three memberships for one

Membership dues in the Home Builders Association covers your membership in three full-service organizations, each representing your interests from the local to the national level. Upon joining HBASWLA, you officially become a member of all three organizations and the beneficiary of their many resources.

  • HBASWLA - Home Builders Association of Southwest Louisiana
  • LHBA - Louisiana Home Builders Association
  • NAHB - National Association of Home Builders


Locally, your Home Builders Association is governed by a team of Officers and Board of Directors comprised of 13 builder and associate members elected annually by you.

Legislative - We are on your side

As a business, you are only one voice in the dark waters of bureaucracy. As a member of the Association, the strength of the combined memberships speaks loudly. Legislation and regulation on the local, state, and national levels affecting the home building industry are closely monitored and vigorously supported or opposed as necessary by fellow members and professional staff of the HBA at the local, state, and national levels.

  • The Home Builders Association of Southwest Louisiana is the building industry's advocate with local government officials and works closely with LHBA & NAHB as your advocate on the state and national levels.
  • LHBA Legislative Committee - Members appointed from across the state monitor and help shape the laws and regulations that directly affect their businesses in the state of Louisiana.
  • LHBA - Employs a professional lobbyist in Baton Rouge to represent the home building industry before the state legislature.
  • LHBA-PAC enables members to join forces and contribute directly to state candidates who support the priorities of the building industry.
  • NAHB - Nationally, our members benefit from the expertise of a vast governmental and regulatory affairs program that not only represents you in Washington, but also provides excellent resources to state and local associations.
  • NAHB-PAC enables members to join forces and contribute directly to national candidates who support the priorities of the building industry.
  • The HBA also provides opportunities to meet with local, state and federal legislators that you could not accomplish alone.
  • Broadcast fax alerts and calls to action are sent to the membership for grassroots efforts on legislation, which could impact construction.
  • The combined memberships serve as your legislative watchdog locally, statewide, and nationally in regulatory issues that affect your business.

Education - We help you know how

Expand the ability of your business to offer customers the most knowledgeable services possible. Both on the local and state levels, continuing education programs are routinely sponsored to help educate our members on the changing demands of the building profession.

  • HBA SWLA - Periodically offers continuing education courses.
  • LHBA - Quarterly board and committee meetings with continuing education courses offered.
  • NAHB - Annual Builders' Show - the nation's largest trade show and educational seminars.
  • Also coming soon, an in-house Resource Library of publications from NAHB.

Educational Seminars - Licensed residential builders must complete 4 hours of continuing education each year to renew their license, as do all of their qualifying parties listed on the license. The association provides, at no charge, those seminars throughout the year, for the builder as well as any documented qualifying parties listed on their license. Nonmember rate is $100.00. Associate members are also welcome at these seminars and others that the Associates Council plans during the year.

Information - We keep you informed

Avoid costly mistakes and expenses that result from not being up-to-date on issues affecting the building industry. We'll provide you with critical information about building trends, legislative regulatory developments, and construction techniques.

  • Building Friends newsletter: Find out what's going on in the industry in Southwest Louisiana.
  • Louisiana Builder magazine: Find out what's going on in the industry in the State of Louisiana.
  • Builder magazine: Find out what's going on in the industry in the United States.
  • Nation's Building News: Find out about national news affecting the building industry.
  • This website. Update regularly.

Networking- We help you meet others

Make important business contacts and new customers through constant membership interaction. The HBA will provide you with many opportunities to network and do business with other members of the industry. Throughout the year, the HBA offers membership meetings, social and sporting events and educational seminars to allow you to meet and make contacts with others in the construction industry.

Membership Meetings

The Home Builders Association of Southwest Louisiana meets periodically throughout the year. Check the Calendar of Events for details. Meeting notices are announced in the "Building Friends" newsletter and on this web site in the "Calendar of Events" section. Members are billed for their meals.

Social Events

Great opportunities to meet and greet in a casual relaxed atmosphere. Golf & Fishing Tournaments, Installation Banquet, Crawfish Boil, Fish Fry, Spike Appreciation Night, Membership Recruitment Social.

Committee Involvement

Want the best return on your dues? Get involved. Join one of the many committees assigned to carry out the association's program of work. Network with other members and teamwork with other members to achieve a designated short-term task.

Marketing - We help you sell

Home Show

The Home Show is sponsored by the Home Builders Association. An annual consumer trade show held at the Lake Charles Civic Center in the spring. Increase your business volume by showcasing your products or services in one of the largest annual consumer marketing events in Southwest Louisiana. Market your company to thousands of attendees in a two-day period. Discounted booth rates are offered to HBA members.

Publications and Advertising

As an HBASWLA member, we provide numerous opportunities to promote your business to fellow members:

  • Membership directory, the "yellow pages" of this industry. A great resource to contact and be contacted by fellow members. A membership directory is listed on this website and is updated regularly. As a member, your company will be listed on the website directory.
  • Louisiana Builder magazine: Market your products and services to the members of the LHBA.


Sponsorships, which result in high visibility for your company, are also available for socials, seminars, meetings and sports events.

Ambassador Club - The ultimate sponsorship opportunity. Be recognized in all HBA SWLA publications and at all events.

Services - We help you get covered

Insurance Programs

Workers’ Compensation

HomeBuilders SIF


Save money on Workers’ Comp through the Homebuilders Self-Insurers Fund (SIF). Since it started in 1979, the SIF has returned nearly $70 Million in dividends to qualifying fund participants. Find out how you can get your first year of HBA  SWLA membership dues FREE by visiting

General Liability

Builder and remodeler members can also take advantage of the LHBA General Liability Trust. Since its inception, the GL Trust has returned $4.2 Million in dividend distributions to qualifying members. For more information visit

 LHBA General Liability Trust

Builder’s Risk

LHBA’s Builders Risk Program offers substantial savings over other programs. Depending on where you build, your savings could range from 20%-25%. In just over 6 months, one LA builder saved over $16,000 in insurance premiums . Ask your insurance agent about LHBA Builders Risk today! All LHBA member agencies may handle this program. For more info, visit

How do I join & who do I call?

Membership in the Home Builders Association is a simple process. Simply complete a membership application and pay your first year's dues. Your sponsor and the Association leadership will take care of the rest! Join us today in supporting the building industry!

If you are interested in becoming a member of the HBA, you may call, fax, or e-mail the office and request information and an application form. (See phone#, fax#, email link below or use our Contact form.) Some criteria for membership is required.

Annual Dues Structure:
HBASWLA, LHBA, & NAHB dues are all included.
Builder/Developer: $472
Associate: $472